Campfire Magazine first discovered our OPUS Camper a few years ago, and it soon featured in a review of ‘cool campers’. This time they comment “Our winner, by a wide margin, is the utterly fantastic OPUS. So, why the OPUS? Well, for its looks, its ease-of-opening, its build quality and its all-round versatility. Price isn’t bad either. In appearance, it’s a mix of a safari tent and sci-fi – airy, spacious and with options and accessories to suit family size ( four to ten berth) and your camping and outdoor life. The kitchens are beautiful, the beds comfortable and the sitting/dining room made for socialising. What’s more, the new AIR OPUS inflates itself in two minutes. It’s lightweight and low-profile and the racking system means you can load it with bikes, kayaks and more for your travels.

Click here for the full NEC review from Campfire Magazine.